Your wedding vows, your poems, your love letters, highlighted by beautiful handcrafted lettering the way they did it in 1800 ... or 800 if you're feeling fancy!


Calligraphy is a hallmark of luxury for any event, be it a wedding, a birthday, or a corporate dinner.  Everyone loves to see their name written beautifully and many people keep their invitations, their envelopes, and their place cards forever.  


Once upon a time, it was the height of rudeness to have your guest's names printed - or worse, omitted - from the invitation. Luckily, we're living in much more relaxed times than Emily Post could have dreamed of ... but it's still a gorgeous personal touch.  

I can create anything for you from one-page invitations to full five-piece invitation suites. Signage, place cards, table numbers, seating charts and welcome signs; I can write on marble tiles or wooden blocks or rocking horses or mirrors. I can engrave wine bottles and even hand-letterpress your invitations in-house.  Anything that can be written on, I want to write on! The best part of hiring a calligrapher is that whatever we develop together, it will be wholly unique to you, and endlessly customisable.

Something unusual? 

Get in touch with your idea, and we'll work out how to make it become reality!  Among my more unusual commissions have been things like:

♥ writing on a cake with edible gold ink ♥
♥ creating a video for the Golden Globes ♥
♥ reproducing a logo on a bicycle ♥