That time my fingertips were at the Golden Globes ...

… but not the rest of me!

Don’t you love Facebook reminders? Every year, “On this day” pops up. Usually it’s something terribly embarrassing that I posted in 2007 or 2008, back when I used Facebook a lot and shared much stupider things than I do these days. But on the 8th of January every year I get a boost of excitement, these days!

Remember this?

A little over two years ago, I got an odd email over breakfast. “Can we call you to discuss a potential upcoming job?”

I realised the email was sent from the United States, and also from a name I recognised … but not someone I’d ever spoken to.

The promised phone call: “We’ve seen your work online. We’re organising an event, it’s quite well-known in the States but I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it in Australia. It’s called the Golden Globes …”

Picture my face!!

A few weeks later and some excited phone calls and about five million draft videos later, the Globes Red Carpet event happened, and in the background:

I watched that broadcast from my studio, on a rainy summer morning in Australia, pouring coffee into my mouth and squealing every time I saw my hands in the background. What a highlight! Thanks for the memories, Facebook. See you next January 8th!