How To: Vinyl on Marble

Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s hoping 2019 brings us all good health and happiness. One of my semi-resolutions is to blog a little bit more often and get into some more long-form writing - I think the only things I’ve written in the past year were Instagram captions, and those are mostly emoji. Time to share a bit more detail, maybe … let’s see!

First off the rank: rose gold lettering on marble coasters, perfect for wedding favours or place cards or both at the same time!

Last week’s Insta post showing the creation of a rose gold name on a marble coaster got a lot of attention - so here’s a bit more detail.

I bought a Cricut for the studio in December last year and I’m putting it through its paces this month!

I used:

  • Aslan Rose Gold vinyl (I said in another group that it was Cricut brand, but it wasn’t, and I’m sorry if I misled you!);

  • An iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, and the app Procreate;

  • A custom Procreate brush that I made for myself - I’ll be releasing it for public purchase soon, but not until I’m sure I’ve worked out all the kinks;

  • One of the last leftover marble coasters from KMart. They don’t sell them any more, but I do have some hot tips on a supplier if you’re in need!

I think that about covers it! Do you have any questions? Did I miss anything obvious? Let me know!