11 May 2019, Brisbane: Traditional Copperplate Calligraphy for Beginners, an introduction


11 May 2019, Brisbane: Traditional Copperplate Calligraphy for Beginners, an introduction


Saturday, 11 May 2019
10am to 1pm

Teneriffe (details will be provided)

Traditional Copperplate Calligraphy for Beginners: An Introduction

The first steps in learning calligraphy can be daunting.  I’m here to make them easy for you with hands-on instruction in everything you’ll need to know:  

  • choosing the right paper, nib, and ink;

  • preparing your nib for use;

  • loading ink;

  • holding a dip pen (correct hand position is everything!)

  • and most importantly, how to write the actual letters!

This class is structured around learning the basic strokes of the lowercase alphabet - once you master these, you can master anything.  In class I tend to focus on the things that I can't teach online;  I will correct your pen hold, tilt your hand, and show you how to control your ink flow.  

I'll also give you as many calligraphy secrets as I can - how to prepare a nib, how far to dip, how much ink to use, how to get ink out of carpet after that inevitable spill ... the things you can't easily learn online, but that experience (or a good teacher) can make so much easier for you.

Included in the cost of the class is a kit with all the supplies you'll need to continue your practice at home:

  • Dip pen holder - I am pleased to be able to provide Luis Creations Mobliques!

  • Selection of nibs

  • Quality walnut ink

  • Smooth practice paper

  • Traditional copperplate exemplars

  • My personal copperplate instruction pages

  • List of resources for supplies and further study

This workshop is suitable for those with no experience as well as those who want to refine their existing skills - all are welcome.

This workshop runs from 10am to 1pm.  Please be on time - we have a lot to cover and we won't be able to run late!


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