Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do for me?


So many things! I can:

  • write in calligraphy on almost anything you bring to me, be it your event invitations, your family Bible, a memorial plate, or a library card;

  • create one-off art pieces incorporating your wedding vows or your poetry, with painted, gold-leafed, and flourished designs;

  • design and calligraph your event stationery - from invitations to signage to place cards to bonbonnerie to thank-you notes after the event - and arrange printing and production on a small or large scale;

  • print your small-scale stationery on my studio tabletop vintage letterpress;

  • create unique calligraphed vinyl signage and designs for you on a small or large scale;

  • provide digital calligraphy files for you to use in your DIY invitation suites, or your craft machines, or your own printing;

  • hand-paint seating charts and event signage, or create the design for you and arrange production on a small or large scale;

  • make a logo sticker for your bike, or your car, or your planner; and

  • just about anything else you can think of!

I have at my disposal years of calligraphic study and a fully equipped art studio, including a vintage tabletop letterpress and a vinyl signage cutter - and of course I have a network of suppliers and creators who can help me in making your dream a reality.

How long will it take?


The one thing about custom calligraphy: it’s not fast. For each 100 envelopes or 200 place cards, I’ll usually need to set aside a week or so in my calendar for your job. Layout and preparation, writing, drying time, and proof-reading - it all adds up.

If you have an urgent deadline, let me know. I do keep some time up my sleeve and I can often squeeze in a little overtime!

How much will it cost?


Here’s a quick guide for the very basics:

Addressing envelopes starts at $7 per envelope.
Names on invitations starts at $3 per invitation for one name, $4 for doubles.
Names on place cards starts at $3 per place card.

Wedding vows start at $150 for 100 words or less, and increase with the length of the piece and any additions like illustrations, watercolour or flourishing.

I say “starts at” because the price will depend on several factors. For example:

  • if your invitations are addressed to “Jane,” they will cost less than if they are addressed to “The Honourable Ms Jane Smith-William Fitzgerald & Dr John William Fitzgerald AO.”

  • if your envelopes are made of handmade paper that absorbs ink and needs extra treatment before I can work on it, they will take longer.

  • if your place cards are marble coasters, they will need to be spread out across every surface in my studio to dry for hours, preventing me from doing anything else, and they will need to be treated before I can write on them, which takes longer.

Please contact me to discuss your individual job so I can give you an accurate quote!

Where can I learn calligraphy?


In person:

I always recommend attending an in person class if you possibly can - no online course can help you on an individual level with details like how to hold a pen or how your specific posture affects your writing. Find a calligrapher who can help!

I teach classes in Melbourne regularly, and once or twice a year I also travel to Brisbane and Sydney. Please check out my workshops page for current availability!

Individually, via correspondence and videocall:

I am venturing into teaching one-on-one via correspondence and video call sessions. I am unable to accept many students for private tutoring; however, if you are interested, feel free to send me an email, including some examples of your current work, some detail about what you want to achieve. Online sessions start at $175 AUD per hour-long session.

Online courses (no individual contact):

I’m working on a few things, but it is a long . way down the pipeline! Please feel free to jump on my mailing list if you want to be the first to hear when this finally does launch!