Personalised Study Program Enquiries

September and October 2019

Hello, and welcome, and thank you for showing interest! I am very excited to work one on one with you - it will be a level of engagement we could never manage in a group class.

Personalised Study Programs are exactly that - personalised. When you make contact, we’ll work together to analyse your current script, skill, and preferences, and to come up with a five week program that will help you achieve measurable outcomes and improvements in your calligraphy skills. If you are starting from scratch, I’m happy to put together a program that will give you a solid foundation in script. If you are an advanced student wanting to focus on flourishing, or Italian Hand, or a particularly obscure variation of a particularly obscure script, or you want to learn how to use gouache successfully, or a combination - I can work with that.

You need:

  • a reliable internet connection for video chat;

  • a webcam or smartphone that can be set up in such a way as to give me a clear view of your hand while you write (I can help talk you through setup if you need it);

  • basic calligraphy supplies (but I can help you with where to get them, if you don’t have them already);

  • any other supplies that you want to learn how to use;

  • and the time and commitment to practicing regularly throughout the study period in between classes!

And I will provide:

  • My undivided attention (okay, the cat might miaow at us sometimes) for a one-hour video lesson, once a week, for five weeks. This can be scheduled any time between 1pm and 9pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Thursday (you can check your time difference at this site if you are in a different time zone!). Ideally the same day and time every week, but there’s always flexibility!

  • An individual study plan for you, with goals clearly set out and a direct path to achieving them.

  • Homework assignments and feedback on them - you scan or photograph your homework and send it to me on the day of your video class, and I will mark up your work and send it back the next day, so that you know what to work on for the following week.

  • Contact throughout the week by email if you need it - I won’t be leaving you high and dry out there in a sea of incomprehensible 18th-century flourishing resources, don’t fear!

  • And the benefit of my years of experience as a calligraphy student, calligraphy teacher, commercial calligrapher, and all-around calligraphy nerd.

The Important Stuff.


I can accept only two to three students per month.
If there is a waiting list, I’m sorry! I still do a lot of corporate and events work, and I never want to be in a position of not giving my absolute best.

All courses will start in the first week of the month.
I just need to keep my calendar manageable!

One-off private lessons are not available.
I want to work intensely with a few people, instead of shallowly with many. That may change in future - please feel free to ask.

All one-on-one lessons are by video call.
Even if you are local to me - my home studio is too small to fit two people in it at once!

The cost for your private study program is $799 AUD.
Which is payable in full before your course commences
(but after we have had a quick video call to make sure everything works, agreed on your study plan and your goals for the course, and booked in and confirmed a time. A month of private tutoring is a big investment and I don’t want anyone to make it lightly or be unhappy that they did!.)
This can be paid in instalment if it’s easier.

Still on board? Let’s chat!

Name *
Be as vague or as specific as you like!
Have you taken any calligraphy classes before? *
If you can't give me a link, that's okay - email me some photos!
To get the most out of this course, this will be the same day and time each week. I am available Monday through Thursday, 1pm to 9pm. With a little flexibility. Please note this isn't a confirmation of booking - just an indication of your time preference!
Don't worry - you can still ask questions whenever you want after you send this form in!

Thank you!