As a classically trained calligrapher, I am proficient in a variety of scripts - and I’m also trained in font-matching, so if you need calligraphy to match your invitations or your menus, just let me know what font to match, and I’ll come up with a script that harmonises with it perfectly.

With all hand-lettered scripts, details such as the size and shape of the capitals, any unique letters you like particularly, and any flourishes can be varied infinitely to harmonise with the rest of your event design.

Not sure where to start? How about one of these?

flourished copperplate.png

Flourished copperplate is formal copperplate that has let its hair down. While the letters themselves stay in line and behave, the extra flourish can vary from just a slight touch to a positive whirlwind of exuberant spirals and loops. Flourishing any script adds a sense of freedom and fun, and flourished copperplate speaks of glamour and of high-end luxury. Flourishes are chosen to suit each word’s place in the piece, and very indicative of the hand-created touch of a calligrapher rather than a typist.

formal copperplate.png

Formal copperplate is one of the most difficult but beautiful calligraphy scripts. It speaks of old-school elegance, refined and precise. Formal copperplate is suited to black or white tie events, traditional weddings, graduation celebrations and other formal events, but it is flexible enough to work in any setting where beauty is essential.

italian hand.png

This elegant, old-fashioned hand is rarely seen these days, having fallen out of favour since the 1700s. It is whimsical and delicate, feminine and graceful. Italian Hand is less formal than many pointed pen scripts, and can be a stand-out and unusual touch on an invitation, a place card, or a dedication. It is fun, bright and bouncy, while still requiring precision and control to be effective.


Created with pointed round brushes and liquid ink, pressure and speed variations combine to make this script fun, modern, and refreshing. Optional colour blending feels natural and adds something special. On rough or absorbent paper, brush script can have a beautifully natural textured look. Often, pairing brush script letters with block capitals or plain roman script can add flair and drama. It is best saved to add emphasis or highlights, but it can - with care - work for an entire script piece.

Upright Copperplate.png

Lifting the formal 55-degree angle of traditional copperplate to upright brings it vividly into the modern era, while still keeping the control and grace that makes copperplate beautiful. It can be flourished as much or as little as is needed to suit the theme and style you desire.